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eliminate acne ✨ tight jaw 💢 saves money 💸 environmentally conscious 🌎 zero pain 👩 reverse aging 👵 rejuvinates 💆‍♀️
eliminate acne ✨ tight jaw 💢 saves money 💸 environmentally conscious 🌎 zero pain 👩 reverse aging 👵 rejuvinates 💆‍♀️

Glow Handset

Glow Handset

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Kick expensive skincare products and procedures to the curb with the FacialGlow™ LED micro-current massager, a miracle cure that will leave your skin and face looking flawless without the gigantic hole in your wallet.

FREE shipping & no hassle returns
FREE personalized skincare guide included
 Helps sculpt, tighten, lift cheeks & jawline
Reverses fine lines & diminishes wrinkles
Targets acne, small bumps, & blackheads
Improves redness & dark spots/circles
Completely painless & non-toxic

How it works

Smoov Laser Hair Shaver combines laser technology and high-quality natural ingredients to create a unique hair removal formula that gently removes unwanted hair.

Unlike traditional waxing methods, which can be painful and cause micro-tears in the skin, Smoov Laser Hair Shaver is designed to remove hairs from their follicles without damage to the surface of the skin.

Smoov also exfoliates the top layers of skin with its unique formulation, revealing baby smooth skin after each use.


One of our videos went ridiculously viral on TikTok (thank you everyone, we love you <3) so there might be sliiiiiight delays..

Please bare with us.

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- Rest of world: 14-20 business days

Return policy

You’re going to love your Smoov. As a matter of fact, we’re so confident you’ll love it we have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Absolutely risk-free.

If for any reason you’re not happy, just let us know and we’ll arrange for a refund!

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non-toxic ✨ saves money 💸 environmentally conscious 🌎 zero pain 👩 no cuts 🩸 rejuvinates 💆‍♀️
non-toxic ✨ saves money 💸 environmentally conscious 🌎 zero pain 👩 no cuts 🩸 rejuvinates 💆‍♀️

What Makes Smoov™ Special

Find out why you should choose Smoov instead of other hair removal tools.



Zero Pain
Simple to Use

You have questions, we have answers :)

I'm a man. Can I use FacialGlow too?

Duh! FacialGlow is for anybody who wants tighter skin!

How do I use FacialGlow?

Using FacialGlow by Smoov is as easy 1,2,3... literally!

1. Make sure your hands and face are thoroughly washed, then grab a moisturizing oil or cream (preferrably non-scented) and apply it to the skin gradually.

2. Remove the white cap from the device and wipe the metal head to clean it. Press and hold the power button to turn it on.

Press the power button again if you want to switch modes.

3. After you've selected a mode, gently begin to stroke the device in an upward motion on your problem areas for 5-10 rotations . *Avoid Thyroid Area*

What are the different modes?

  • EMS Mode 🔴 - The Age Reversal Mode - This mode effectively boosts collagen, reduces dark spots and wrinkles to give you an overall youthful look!
  • Hot Mode 🔵 - The Skin Smoother - Blue microcurrent improves skin problems, reduces acne and kills bacteria
  • Clean Mode 🟢 - The Jawline Snatcher - Clean mode promotes microcirulation of the body surface, lymphatic and swelling drainage (in other words, no more puffy face :D)

How often can I use it?

This varies for everyone, most people use it once or twice a week.

I have sensitive skin, can I use this?

It will! It actually improves the appearance of strawberry skin or razor bumps that you usually get from waxing and shaving.